Erica Andersen

Born and raised in: Massachusetts & finally moved to California when I was 12.

As a Senior in High School, I left 6 period to take radio classes at the local college, 4 years later, I got a Bachelor Degree from San Francisco State in Radio & TV, got a minor in Cheerleading and men.

For my radio peeps, here’s the list of stations where I have worked:

  • KXXX-X100 (99.7 FM)(programming/promotions/research)
  • KWSS 94.5 (programming/promotions)
  • KKIQ 101.7 (on air)
  • KRTY 95.3 (on air)
  • KMXZ 93.5 (on air)
  • KSOL 107.7 (on air)
  • KYLD 107.7 (on air) weekends and Asst. Producer of “Mancow’s Morning Madhouse”. Yes, this is the guy that mimicked Bill Clinton getting a haircut on the runway, so had the van guy stop on the Bay Bridge and get a haircut. National Attention. Major Shock Jock.
  • KKLQ 106.5 (on air)
  • I finally got on the air at KATY 101.3 (THE MIX) in September 2009 where I have been ever since.

Married life: I went to Fleet Week and did “eenie meanie mynie moe” and picked a hubby. JK! I married Joe, my Navy Sailor  who moved me to San Diego & went on deployment. Being bored,  I got on the air again at Q106 (KKLQ) for the 2 years he was attached to a ship.  Then magically Joe got shore duty back to the bay area again.

Children (rather Child): I became a mom of a beautiful daughter. Jolie keeps me incredibly busy. I’m the bus, taxi or chauffeur for her til January 2015 when she gets her drivers license. Yay!

Location change: We moved to the IE  in 2003. Wow, what a weather shock, 110 degrees in the Summer, sometimes in Spring, OUCH! Since moving here, my hubby retired from the US Navy, 20 years in 2010.

Volunteer Activities: I am a Girl Scout Leader and have been since 2005. So, if anyone needs GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, you know who to come to.

1st Job: Sales at Musicland-selling records, cassettes, video’s (foreign objects nowadays) & CD’s at a store in the local mall up in the bay area, right after High School.

1st Concert: Jack Wagner, when I was 16, he was a soap star on “General Hospital” who also was a singer. I have been watching General Hospital since I was 5. But, the most memorable concert I went to was a tie between “Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza” at the legendary but now gone Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios in 2009 and Chris Isaak at Pechanga Resort and Casino in 2010 where Chris climbed up to the good seats and kissed my cheek. 🙂

My favorite musicians are: Maroon 5, One Republic, Chicago, Journey, Chris Isaak, Brian Setzer Orchestra, & Elvis Presley (thanks to my hubby’s obsession). TCB!!!!!

My favorite alcohol beverage is: Tie between Rum with Diet Rite or a glass of White Zinfindel

My favorite saying is: “THANKS!!!!!”  (sarcastically)

Want to contact me: like my FACEBOOK DJ Page “Erica on the Mix” and to follow me on Twitter “@EricaTheMix”