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Bob Madden

I was born in London, England, toured all of Europe as an infant, remembered nothing, and then grew up in the States, New York primarily. Went to college at Marquette University in Milwaukee, and worked in and out of radio ever since. I feel very lucky to be "in" right now. It's really the listeners who decide that. So thanks for keeping me around a little while longer. Because you kept me around, it allowed me to meet my wife. Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

A little more about Bob......
My first job:
Pumping gas at my dad’s friend’s gas station in Chicago.

My first radio job:
FM 104, WEZW, an easy listening station in Milwaukee.

The most embarrassing thing I have done on the air:
Gotten drunk. Although it was part of a CHP alcohol abuse show, I was a slurring fool. I flirted with our newsman. Ugh.

The thing I like most about my listeners:
They always surprise me; show me yet another point of view – on whatever the subject is.

My dream job would be:
Owning my own radio station in Kauai.

The one job you won’t ever catch me doing:
Cleaning toilets.

My parents most wanted me to become a:
Doctor for my dad, Actor for my mom.

But I got into radio instead because:
It allows me to perform what I write.

My first concert:
Wings Over America Tour with Paul McCartney.

But the most memorable concert I went to was:
Beach Boys at Lake Elsinore Diamond; front row.

My favorite musicians are:
All who sing in key.

My favorite books are:
Dr. Seuss, celebrity biographies, and the Bible.

My favorite sound is:
A good wholesome full eructation. (Look THAT one up.)

My least favorite sound is:
Tie: morning alarm, and dead air.

If I were an animal instead of human I would most likely be a:
Velveteen Rabbit.

The single most embarrassing moment in my life was when:
I got caught streaking in the 70s.

When life hands me lemons I tend to:
throw them back.

If I ended up on a deserted island and I could only take 3 things with me they would be:
My wife, Tacy, my children, and lots of food.

My favorite saying is:
The Best Mix, 101.3…


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