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Everyone has someone on their list that you just don’t know what to get them.  For instance the fan of boxed wine.  You dare not get them a bottle.  So The Mix is here ready to make you the best Santa ever to the boxed wine aficionado on your Christmas List.

Top 10 gifts for Box Wine drinkers.

1. A set of four Holiday mugs to catch the wine that drips from the spout. Mugs are better than napkins because you can drink the overflow. To use napkins would just be alcohol abuse!


2. Red Solo cup wine glasses!!


3. Band-aids in case they get cut trying to bash in the perforated cardboard window.


4. A pill box to keep their preventative maintenance aspirin in. Or is it just me that takes aspirin while drinking to ward off a hangover.


5. A squeegee to push that last drop of wine out of the bladder and into your mouth.


6. Duct tape just in case the handle on the box breaks. Personally, I just go rogue and put the bladder in my purse.


7. Squirt cheese and saltines. Hey, we may drink Box Wine but we still know how to do appetizers in style.


8. A copy of Talladega Nights so when the wine is gone at least they’ll know how to get thrown out of an Apple Bees!


9. A rolling cooler in case they need to take it on the road. NASCAR race, Camping, Snipe hunting.


10. A drill with a small bit. This is in case someone stops by with an actual bottle of wine. Just drill into the cork and puller out. Yes, a wine opener would be easier but not as much fun!


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