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1-It’s that time of year to curl up and hang by a fire with a hot bowl of chili. But don’t forget your furry friends, their need their “Snuggi” too…Plus if they get into the chili it will help as a barrier from the aftermath.


2-On a serious note, with the number of disasters we have seen of late and so many animals left behind please be prepared. This would make a great gift for someone in a vulnerable area. A fab idea that could save your pets life. The Pet Evacuation Emergency Kit


3-Unless you do winter rye, and who wants to mow in Antarctic type weather, your grass dies off and if you have 4-legged friends, you have a muddy paw nightmare. This is pure genius and I can’t wait to get one for the pups (see note above in the intro). The Paw Plunger allows you to quickly and easily clean those paws before reentry and not have to mess with a towel to the paws.


4-There is nothing better than FREE entertainment and let me tell you, having 4 dogs ranging in weight from 40lbs – 100lbs and 2 cats the laser light is animal crack. The problem is, I get tired of swinging the light around as I’d rather watch and enjoy and not work. So introducing the FroliCat BOLT Laser Light Toy! Put it on a shelf or a table, turn it on and wear them out!


5-“I got 2 turntables and a microphone”….no not a Beck song, what my cat wishes for to be like Daddy. Not only can he put the needle on the record, but while he’s mixin it up at Club Kitty he can work his claws and keep them filed too! Check out the DJ Catch Scratch Turntable.


6-Nothing shows love like a self-portrait piece of art of your furry friends. Turn that favorite pic of your pup or kitty into a piece of life long art to adorn on the walls of your home. Picasso would be proud. There are a ton of options at PopArt to choose from based on your taste in style.


7-Your pup deserves to be spoiled. If it’s good enough for Oprah’s pooches, it’s good enough for anyone! Bessie + Barnie is known for their plush customizable beds, and the Bagel Bed is a tail waggin favorite! Pick the fabric and design colors that work best for your pups personality and they will sleep in comfort and style!


8-Every pooch deserves a treat for making Santa’s good list and these colorful and festive stocking treats from Three Dog Bakery in Southlake and Plano are a fabulous way to show your furry friends just how much you love them! They can be customized with a Holiday message or the pups name. Throw them in a nice see through bag with a holiday ribbon and you will be their best friend for life!


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