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There is no one we want to please and make happy more then the one who has taken care of us for so long.  But buying gifts for mom can be tough.  Luckily Mia is here to help you this holiday season with some of the best gift that will show mom how great she is.

Like most moms, I take a TON of family photos no matter where we are or what we are doing. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing my favorite images in photo frames around the house—it warms my heart to see images of loved ones smiling back at me. Well, I found the PERFECT place to get mom a special frame: www.personalizationmall.com. They have a huge assortment of personalized frames to choose from, they provide quality work and give you excellent customer service. Some of my favorites are the new baby or wedding frames. I have sent my mom frames over the years with our family’s last name, her nickname “Mormor” (it means maternal grandmother in Danish) and the first names of all her children. All of them were huge hits… plus, I have found personalized frames for under $20 on the site!


If your mom has a wicked sweet tooth (like me), she will go bonkers for Fran’s Chocolates “Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels.” The confection flavor combination of the year is salt and caramel… you’ll see it everywhere. Fran’s will melt in her mouth, and you’ll know they’re REALLY good because mom will hide these from the rest of the family. Don’t make her share. These are they types of chocolates she will want to eat while reading “50 Shades of Grey.”


I will never forget the wisdom of my friend, Liz, who said a perfect gift from her husband and kids would be an entire day off. I’m not kidding! She said if her husband would scoop up the kids and take the pets somewhere for an entire day so she could relax all by herself in her home without anyone needing anything from her, she would be in HEAVEN! I think “A Day Off” would be an amazing gift for the mom in your life.

You could make it even more special by including some new bath salts and oils so she could take a long, hot bath. Maybe give her a relaxation kit with tea, a teacup and some sweets. You could get a book from her favorite author so she can sit and relax… or maybe a DVD of her favorite movie. The possibilities are endless, but this would be a wonderfully personalized gift that could be 100% FREE if you’re watching your budget! Mom would love to have a day to lounge around, catch-up on Real Housewives, eat Ben & Jerry’s and take a luxurious bath without having to worry about anyone else.


Thumbprint jewelry would touch any mom’s heart. I love the possibilities on this one… you could use a thumbprint from your child or sweetheart on the jewelry. Personally, I adore the thumbprint pendant… the idea having the ones you love near to your heart is absolutely precious. There are a ton of folks who make thumbprint jewelry and I’ve even seen online posts that show you how you can do it yourself! Here is a link so you can see what I’m talking about. So cute!


As someone who scrapbooks, I really like owning professionally bound photo books so I never fear the glue might fail or photos might fade in years to come. You simply upload your digital images to a website and voila! they look sleek and professional in a hardcover bound book. For the mom in your life you could do more than just select some of her favorite images… you can create photo books with cherished family recipes, a personalized family tree or photos of your child’s artwork… the ideas are endless! I like Shutterfly, which has won the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for the best website for photo books.


I don’t know about you, but it seems like I run out of my phone’s battery power right around afternoon carpool. It’s probably because I do everything BUT make calls on my phone, but I am eternally grateful for my extra battery pack that powers me through the rest of the day. I am extremely happy with the Mophie brand products… I’ve used a “Juice Pack” for years. When my power is low on my phone, I simply flip a tiny switch on my case and my phone charges back up.


Everyone is tracing their ancestry nowadays… your mom would probably love a membership to www.ancestry.com if she hasn’t started on the journey yet. For those who know a little bit about their family tree, getting your mom a lovely piece of family tree wall art would be really cool.

Here are a couple ideas… this one is from Pottery Barn Kids and is super cute and simple if you don’t have a lot of ancestors tracked down at this time.

Roots of Time does a really nice one if your family tree is large and detailed.

Of course, you can make your own—homemade gifts from the heart always mean the most to mom!


All moms need to unplug and get away, but sometimes a vacation is not in the family budget. I have found my membership to the Trinity River Audubon Center has helped me keep my sanity when I needed to get out of the city concrete. Some other magical places for mom to enjoy include the Fort Worth Botanical Garden, Dallas Arboretum or unlock her mind at the brand new Perot Museum of Nature & Science.


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